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Molecular Sexing of Birds

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The technique

Sex identification is the method of distinguishing the (male and female) in animals.

In most species of birds, it’s difficult to identify the sex of a subject basing on its appearance, as males and females look almost identical or lack of external differences untill adult stages. These kind of species are known as monomorphic: males and females show the same morphology (e.g. markings, size, colors of the feathers..) and for this reason their sex cannot be determined by external appearance.

Also, in some species, in certain periods of the year, it’s possible to observe behavioral differences between males and females, but not in the youngest subjects. Moreover, bird sexing by behavioral examination could be distorted by several factors, such as abnormal behaviours, light cycles not allowing the optimal hormone balance, etc.. and even little time spent to monitor the subjects could affect the accuracy of this analysis.

It’s therefore necessary to use alternative methods to identify the sex of monomorphic birds, to avoid mistake at any stage of their development. A number of sex determination techniques have been developed and DNA sexing is of growing importance among them, thanks to its great reliability and rapidity.

When it’s possible to use this methods

It’s always possible to determine the gender of a subject throughout the analysis of its DNA. The sex of a birds is established from the genes located on the chromosomes: this technique is based on the analysis of a DNA fragment to find out whether the subject is male or female. DNA sexing can be performed on every species, at every development stage and from every kind of organic sample (e.g. blood, eggshell, feathers). .

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The advantages of DNA sexing

Worldwide a growing number of bird lovers and breeders are choosing DNA sexing.

The method is caracterizied by reliablity (99%) and rapidity, but the main advantage od DNA sexing is that it’s the safer and less traumatic method to determine sex in birds: animals are not stressed because of movement, operation, postoperative recovery, antibiotics, etc.. This kind of analysis results to be not challenging for owners as they just have to place on online order and then send the samples by express courier or post.

Why FEM2 – Ambiente?

FEM2Ambienteis a laboratory of molecular biology and genetics analysis located inside the University of Milan – Bicocca.

We are the Italian leader in DNA sexing, having achieved this position thanks to the confidence of many satisfied customers in more than seven years of work, to investment in highly qualified and experienced staff, to the constant updating of the analytical procedures for specific species and to customer-dedicated IT services.

The special attention that we paid to birds lovers, it’ reflected in the creation of an unique online portal: the site is dedicated at every single breeder, lover or professional (veterinarian, shop owner..). Everyone has a personal page to place orders, check their status and their history, look at results and certificates (downloadable at any time)..

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