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How to collect samples

FEM2-Ambiente accepts feathers and blood samples for DNA sexing.
If you are unfamiliar with handling birds we recommend you seek advice from your vet or someone familiar with the protocols.

Necessary tools

  • A pair of tweezers
  • Zip-lock bags (one for each of the samples)
  • Self adhesive labels (one for each of the samples) and a pen (or 1 permanent marker)
  • 1 envelope


Small/medium sized bird: Pluck 2 feathers from the breast and 2 from the wing or from the tail.
Big sized bird: Pluck 2 feathers from the breast and 2 from the flanks.

DNA is contained at the base of the feather, which originates just below the surface of the skin. It is important to pluck each feather individually, close to the skin and the quill has to be undamaged.

Wash your hands among each sample you collect to prevent DNA contamination that leads to wrong results.

Place the feathers in the plastic bag. Avoid touching the ends of the feather shafts. Each envelope or bag should contain feather samples from only ONE bird.

The feathers can be stored at room temperature in the plastic bag until shipment to FEM2-Ambiente (Piazza delle Scienza 2, 20126, Milano, Italy)

DNA bird sexing how collect sample