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Il servizio clienti è attivo dal lunedì a venerdì dalle 9.30 alle 18.30.

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FEM2- Ambiente provides two kind of services based on DNA testing: bird sexing and avian diseases diagnostics.

Bird Sexing DNA Test

( Bird Sex Identification, gender determination)
  • Birds DNA sexing from feathers, blood, swab (5 days)
  • EXPRESS Birds DNA sexing from feathers, blood, swab (3 days)
  • Birds DNA sexing from eggshell

Bird Disease analyses

(identification of the presence or absence of the DNA of the most important pathogens)
  • APV – Avian Polyomavirus
  • PBFD – Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease
  • CHLAMYDIA – Avian Chlamydia
Our strength? Earnestness, reliability, affordable prices and fast response!

DNA bird sexing