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Il servizio clienti è attivo dal lunedì a venerdì dalle 9.30 alle 18.30.

DNA Bird sexing and disease analyses – Details of service

FEM2-Ambiente  offers fast and reliable DNA sexing from feathers, blood and egg for most species of birds (over 500).

We are able to test

  • blood samples;
  • feather samples;
  • eggshell samples.

Molecular Sexing is safer and less traumatic method: animals are not stressed because of movement, operation, postoperative recovery, antibiotics, etc..

Sample analysis request

  1. Place a new request. you will have to specify: Ring number (or another name for identificate the sample), species,
  2. We will send you a confirmation email with payment details,
  3. Send us your samples,
  4. A delivery receipt of the sample shall be sent by our laboratory.


  1. Bank transfer
  2. PayPal


We will analyze your sample in results 3/5 working days.

We’ll send you the results on email.

Shipping address

Piazza della Scienza 2, Milan (MI), 20126, ITALY

for any questions please contact communication@fem2ambiente.com