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CUSTOMERS SERVICE: Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 18.30pm.

DNA Bird sexing and disease analyses – Details of service

DNA bird sexing 3

Our Tests

  • Birds DNA sexing from feathers, blood, swab (5 days)
  • EXPRESS Birds DNA sexing from feathers, blood, swab (3 days)
  • Birds DNA sexing from eggshell
  • APV – Avian Polyomavirus
  • PBFD – Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease
  • CHLAMYDIA – Avian Chlamydia


We analiyse much species of birds (over 500). View the list. If the specie of your interest is not in the list please contact us!

We are able to test

  • blood samples;
  • feather samples;
  • eggshell samples.
  • swab samples (Chlamydia).
Molecular Sexing is most safer and less traumatic method: animals are not stressed because of movement, operation, postoperative recovery, antibiotics, etc..

Analysis request

  1. Place a new request. You will have to specify: the ring number (or another name for identificate the sample), the species, and the required analyses.
  2. We’ll send you a confirmation email (we can use WhatApp if you prefer) with payment details,
  3. Send your samples to us ( View: how to collect sample),
  4. We ‘ll notify you as soon your sample are arrived.
  5. After 3/ 5 working days we’ll send the outcomes to you vai email (or WhatApp if you prefer).


  1. Bank transfer
  2. PayPal


We will analyze your sample in results 3/5 working days. We’ll send you the results on email.

Shipping address

Piazza della Scienza 2, Milan (MI), 20126, ITALY

for any questions please contact communication@fem2ambiente.com or on FACEBOOK Messenger @AvianDNATestingo or WhatsApp +39 371 180 9921